I'm Marius Nilsen Kluften.

Aweb developer based in Oslo. Working for JPro, crafting sweet web apps.


I graduated OsloMet with a degree in Computer Science in 2017. My first job was as a consultant on the ServiceNow platform, creating custom Portals for our customers.

After two years with ServiceNow, I moved onto more modern technology. React, NextJS, Tailwind, Vitest and React Query are among my favorite technologies to work with at the moment.

I have three lovely pets, two british shorthairs: Linux and Gatsby, and a Shiba Inu - Neko.

Outside of work I can either be found in the kitchen, in front of a video game, around a board game or at a table of D&D. Maybe at our cottage.

Me and Neko at ZZ Pizza in Oslo

Marius Nilsen Kluften

Oslo, Norway

contact@kluften.dev LinkedIn

Technical Proficiencies

  • Programming languages: JavaScript/TypeScript, Elixir, Rust
  • Frameworks: React, NextJS, Gatsby, Svelte, Phoenix
  • State management: React-Query, Zustand, Redux
  • Test frameworks: Jest, Vitest, RTL, Playwright, Cypress
  • Web services: REST, GraphQL


Master, Informatics (part-time) 2022 - current

University of Oslo

Bachelor, Software Engineering 2014 - 2017

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences


JProfessionals, Senior Developer Mar 2023 - Current

Stepped back into the realm of consulting and I am currently working for JPro.

Dr.Dropin, Fullstack developer Aug 2021 - Feb 2022

I wanted to try out inhouse and decided to go for Dr.Dropin, a startup that aims to disrupt the current state of our healthcare industry. I started as part of a completely new development department, and being the only frontend-focused full-stacker, I quickly ended up being responsible for most of the customer facing applications.

ITverket, Frontend developer Feb 2020 - July 2021

After working on ServiceNow with AngularJS for a while, I decided to follow my passion for modern web development and got the opportunity to do this at ITverket. Here I was hired as a front-end developer, and was able to dive deep into React and TypeScript.

Sopra Steria, Frontend developer Dec 2017 - Jan 2020

After the first semester, I decided to pause my studies and start full time as a ServiceNow consultant. During my time at Sopra Steria I worked as a web developer throughout the full stack of the ServiceNow platform.

Syscom, Consultant June 2017 - Nov 2017

Shortly after delivering and presenting my final project for my CS degree, I started working part time for Syscom as a consultant developing on the ServiceNow platform for their customers.